1.) You can’t have a complete conversation because you’re singing lyrics while the other person is talking.

2.) You realize you’ve been dancing & reminiscing in your car for 30 minutes because you listened to the WHOLE “Drive at 5” DJ Mix.

3.) You start taking advice from the lyrics. (Ex. “Yeah…I do believe I can fly.” )

4.) You can get a whole house cleaned because of it.

5.) A song gets stuck in your head ALL day.

6.) It changes your whole mood. (You can be in a professional setting, but don’t let 2 Chainz come on. Your cover is now blown.)

7.) It helps you reach your weight loss goal. (Most workouts are pointless without good music.)

8.) You scream to the top of your lungs & have convulsions when your favorite song comes on. (Ex. “OHHH MY GOD!!! That’s my JEEEEYUMMMM!!!”)

9.) You’re driving and your car becomes the set of a music video or club.

10.) You start to believe that you are now a singer/musician. (Karaoke & “air guitar/drums” don’t count.)