Tucson Black Voices, a portrait project by Kathleen Dreier Photography, features the diverse experiences of our our Black community. May we all become good allies as a result.

“We all have our individual roles and unique gifts that we bring to the world. Once we harness those gifts, it contributes to something powerful and beautiful for the Collective.

My form of activism (or ARTivism) and giving back is about showing up when and where I can. Also, primarily through the Performing Arts & Education. Representation in these areas as a Black woman is essential. It not only shows that we are here too, but it gives us voice and the opportunity to shift the culture in new and necessary ways. It opens the door of possibility for the underrepresented to see themselves, push boundaries and learn new stories.

I can only hope that by sharing my light, I inspire others to find theirs too.”Chezale

Tucson Black Voices FB Page

My Black is no burden.
My Black is a blessing.
My Black is beautiful.
My Black is bountiful.
My Black is no curse.
My Black is no crime.

That will forever be the projection and issue of my oppressor bestowed upon me, upon us. But I will never believe nor embrace that narrative. – Chezale