Hey guys!

So since the conception of Facebook Fan Pages, I had initially decided to create 2 Pages. One solely for my Music & the other for Dance. It made perfect sense to separate the two because they are such large entities on their own & I have people who specifically follow me for one or both. But lately, I’ve grown a little tired of having the 2 links and not being sure which Pages to include my other artistic endeavors on. After a LONG time running the Pros & Cons through my mind, I’ve finally come to the decision to merge the 2 Pages together to ONE Page that is ALL INCLUSIVE for everything I’m involved with artistically! This seems like the right thing to do. Start fresh with content. but still manage to keep all of the wonderful “likes’ you all have awarded me with! (THANK YOU!) 🙂

At this point, the only downfall is this lovely bunch of new business cards I recently had made with the older Page URLs on them 🙁 The only thing I can think of is hoping people get the new link through my website FB icons (updating soon & crossing fingers).

The NEW FB Page URL is www.facebook.com/chezalepresents