I must say, it felt good to do a solo set after quite some time & even more special to be back at my alma mater. There was great energy from the students & community goers who stopped by! Thank u to Mia & the organizers of Unity Fest for having me & everyone who showed love. S/O to DJ Alias on the 1’s & 2’s! And I’m so proud of my Platinum “fly girls” Odie & Cierra for PUMPIN’ IT UP Ol’ Skool style with me! U guys ROCK!!

I’d love to see more of the Tucson community coming out to support the youth & their efforts in organizing Unity Fest for the positivity & legacy of Hip Hop art & culture! Let’s make this event a STAPLE in the town!

Until next time…One luv! ~Chezale aka Lady Maverick


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