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The LONG awaited Premiere of the very first solo & complete original work since the album debut of MY STORY in 2007, from Chezale is finally HERE…

The official music video for “HIP HOP NATION” made it’s original premiere Friday, March 14th 2014, as a part of  520’s Top Dance Crew Competition’ (Season 3).

This song/message is a special and straight to the point piece that represents Hip Hop in it’s many facets. This lyrical feast touches on Hip Hop as a culture and the community that brought it to the forefront. How it affects us musically, economically, personally & even politically. “Hip Hop Nation” is sure to resonate with heads from all walks. And as a female artist who is also part of the Hip Hop community, she surely does OWN this piece effortlessly and gracefully, with no apologies.

Production by: “The Tu”
Filmed & Mixed by: DW3 Productions
Edited/Written/Performed by: Chezale

Featuring: 1 Hood Media, The Drop Dance Studio, DJ Alias, S.W.C.S.


STREAM HERE! https://soundcloud.com/chezale-aka-lady-maverick




WELL worth the wait!!!