FOR RELEASE April 20th, 2020

Chezale reunites with New Mexico Producer Per C Wells for a Southwest Hip-Hop collaboration that connects to the Soul, with the release of her new single “Special Friend”.

(Tucson, AZ) Chezale announces her new single “Special Friend”, set to release on 4.20.20. This is the long-awaited solo and original follow up since the release of her sophomore album MAVMUZIK, late 2014.

“Special Friend” would be Chezale’s second collaboration with Albuquerque producer Per C Wells since the 2018 release of “Separate” by Ciphurphace, a Tucson-bred emcee out of New Jersey. Penned by Chezale, “Special Friend” navigates a journey of the layers of friendship, connection and intimacy. It explores Self-Love and being one’s own best friend, to nurturing platonic friendships, and those more intimate friendships, potentially of the romantic kind. Chezale brings a cool, laid-back flow…inspired by the slow-riding Hip-Hop sounds with a touch of 70’s soulful nostalgia, cultivated by Per C Wells.

You can find “Special Friend” in major digital music outlets. (Click the link below.)