Tucson Weekly
“Chezale Rodriguez has one of the strongest singing voices in the show. As Pipi, the new stripper in town, she just wants a man to call her own (even if he’s already married). Her silky voice and sexy dancing bring heat to a show that, for all its talk of promiscuity, is about as sexual as a Marx Brothers movie.” -Nathan Christensen
“Chezale Rodriguez’s Pippi the stripper was a power with her bluesy voice, smooth moves and don’t-mess-with-me attitude.” – Kathleen Allen – ‘Trailer Park’ wins MAC Awards

“Perhaps the best treat of the evening was Chezale’s Velma. The lanky singer/dancer had us from the moment she entered during the opening “All That Jazz” number. The young performer has a charisma which simply wows.” -Sherilyn

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