If you’re a part of the “Tall People Tribe”, at one point or another you’ve most likely encountered one of these annoyances in your life. As awesome as being tall is, there’s always the occasional comment or instance that makes you want to step on a few people. Check out this list… (No particular order.)


1. “Wow, you’re tall.” (Really?? Thanks for bringing my attention to this NEW news.)




2. “You should consider playing basketball.”  (Not that I have to have an athletic bone in my body or anything…)


basketball nerd


3. “Hey! You’re tall. Can you reach this for me??” (Sure. I love feeling used.)




4. “You should be a model.” (It’s not like I can’t wear heels or walk a mile decently without falling to save my life or anything.)

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5. When going clothes or shoes shopping, we like how it’s assumed that the majority of humans are “pigmy-sized”.


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6. When everyone and their Mom who is shorter than you at a concert shoves their way RIGHT in front of you. (It’s ok, I think I can still see.)




7. I wear heels when I go out because I LOVE the feeling of towering every man I see. (Can you feel the sarcasm there??)


Tall woman and short man


8. We love being WAY in the back for pictures. (I didn’t wanna be seen anyway.)


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9. We shop at stores like ‘Big & Tall’ so we can NOT feel like a giant.




10. I’m gonna pretend noone just saw me take out that tree branch with my head…*looks around*


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By: Chezale